CRANFORD - Hartz Mountain's application to rezone 750 Walnut Avenue from commercial to residential and build 905 apartment units will continue on September 5th and 12th. 

At the August 1 Planning Board meeting, a civil and a traffic engineer were expected to testify. Due to time constraints, only the civil engineer provided testimony for the application and the traffic engineer was rescheduled for September 12. On September 5, a planner is expected to speak on behalf of Hartz Mountain. 

The past two Hartz Mountain Planning Board meetings this summer have each gone about four hours long due to the intricacy of the project and the concerns of the residents. Planning Board meetings begin around 8:00 p.m., but a member of the public stressed to the Board to consider moving up the time of the September 5 meeting since Cranford schools reopen on September 6. As of now, no change has been announced.