CRANFORD - Back at the May 14 Township Committee meeting, Cranford Police Chief Ryan Greco recognized officer Shayne Temple for his work in saving an emotionally unstable man on the parkway. TAPinto Cranford received the video, which you can view below. 

"The reason why Shayne actually grabbed onto the guy was because he was going to dart across the parkway," said Chief Greco. "There were some issues emotionally with the individual. You know, this is what the officers do on a nightly basis that people just don't see."

"At the end of it, Shayne got the guy in the car and said, 'all I wanted to do was give you a ride home, man,'" added Greco. 

Editor's Note: We understand our version of the video is blurry and may be hard to see. You can check out a more clear version on the replay of the meeting on TV35 here. The video of the incident occurs at the 00:20:00 mark to 00:22:45.