Join us for some fun.  

Rules & Descriptions

Please see the calendar of what we have planned for the next 5 weeks here at the Recreation & Parks Department and would like for you and your family and friends to join the fun! 

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On Trip Tuesday’s we will simply send a link out on Facebook, Instagram, Communitypass and post on our website for anyone who would like to take a virtual trip from their home computer. 

On Wacky Wednesday’s, what you need to do is take a picture or video of yourself doing whatever the topic is for that day. For Fly a Kite go outside take a picture/video of family or of yourself flying a kite and send it to us. For Slime Day show us your favorite slime you have made in the past or show us how you make slime and send us a video. 

Kitchen Challenge show us what is your favorite food or desert is to make. The Cranford Recreation Center will like to see what Cranford residents are making. After you are done making your food or dessert need to send a picture or tag us so we can share it. 

Make your own kind of ice cream! Show us what you are making. There are not rules you need to follow in trying to make your own ice cream. You may look online on how to make it or ask someone in the house. Send us a picture of what your ice cream looks like when you are done. When you send a picture and tell us what you did in how you made it. 

For Water Fun Day you can get water balloons or a bucket full of water and have a fun day with your family by getting everyone soaked with water. Rules are be careful and have a lot of fun! You can take a before and after picture of your family and show us who won in the family. 

For the indoor/outdoor scavenger hunts, the items list will not be sent out until 10:00 on that Thursday when the contest is set to begin. In order to win you will need to get everything on the list and send a picture to the or Instagram. You can find everything and send one big picture of the items with your name. We will have five winners for each indoor and outdoor hunt and the winners will receive a t-shirt. Have a few simple rules…  have fun, try to not make a mess in your house and make sure to send your pictures fast before someone else wins!

BINGO will be open to whoever would like to play. We will tell you a time that it will start and we will play five rounds. BINGO will be fun to see/ hear other friends and have a fun time playing BINGO to win a shirt. Rules you join any of the five games and may leave at any time.  Need to be on a phone or a computer to be connected to the game. 

Talent show on August 6th you can send us a video or tag us in what your talent is. The Recreation Center will have judges and look at all the videos we get and pick winners. The four winners will receive a t-shirt.  Rules, you need to send us a video by 3 pm.