CRANFORD, NJ – Walnut Avenue from South Avenue to Valley Road in Cranford and Clark will be repaved this summer. It will be one of 18 roads to be repaved.

The road work is part of the 2017 Roads Resurfacing program, which will begin later this summer after Union County completes the 2016 program. The 2016 program was delayed last year after Governor Christie froze the state’s Transportation Trust Fund which pays in part for the program, according to a press release from the Union County Freeholders.

“Union County maintains more 174 miles of roadway that are of import for the transport of our residents but also goods and commerce that impacts New Jersey and the region as a whole,” said Freeholder Chairman Bruce H. Bergen. “We look forward to making progress this summer in ensuring these roads are in good condition for travel.”

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“The 2017 Road Resurfacing program will cost approximately $8.2 million, with an approximate 50-50 funding split between the County and the State Transportation Trust Fund,” the press release reads.

According to the County, the work will be conducted at night when possible to minimize the need for detours.

“Resurfacing also makes travel on our roadways safer and more efficient,” Freeholder Christoper Hudak, a member of the Public Works and Facilities Freeholder Committee, said. “We also make improvements to signage and striping to improve visibility, and to curbing to improve safety and accessibility for people with disabilities.”

A total of 21 new miles of county roads will be repaved this season in 15 municipalities, according to the press release. The list of roads can be read below:

Berkeley Heights/Summit: Glenside Avenue from Valley Road to Baltusrol Ave 

Berkeley Heights Valley Road from Glenside Ave to the Somerset County Line

Clark/Cranford: Walnut Avenue from South Avenue to Valley Road

Elizabeth:  Linden Avenue from Acme Street/ Park Entrance to Elmora Avenue

Elizabeth/Linden: Linden Ave/Lidgerwood Avenue  from Park Avenue to Edgar Road

Hillside: Conant Street from Liberty Avenue to Salem Ave

Linden: Wood Ave from St. Georges Avenue to Blancke St. and Wood Ave form Pennsylvania R.R. Ave. to Rts # 1 and 9 

Mountainside: Summit Lane  from Summit Road to W.R. Tracy Dr.

Rahway: Milton Avenue to Route 1 & 9 to Broad Street

Rahway:  Hazelwood Avenue/Hart Street from Fulton Street to  Randolph Avenue

Roselle: Chestnut Street from St. Georges Avenue to 1st Avenue

Roselle Park: Lincoln Avenue East from Chestnut Street to  Galloping Hill Road 

Scotch Plains: Mountain Avenue & Willow Avenue from Route 22 

Scotch Plains: Raritan Road from Lake Avenue to Terrill Road

Summit: Passaic Avenue from Constantine Place to River Road

Union: Salem Road from Morris Avenue to Conant Street

Westfield/Clark: Central Avenue from South Avenue to Barnes & Noble