CRANFORD, NJ - While everyone looks for a healthier way to introduce new foods into their diet, sometimes it's hard to know where to turn, how to prepare, where to start. What's Cookin' Cranford recently discussed some healthy options for pre-post workout meals, family dinners and quick breakfast ideas. Host, Marazza Kruk, and her guest Josh Mandel, co-owner of CrossFit KOA discussed each idea.

Finding a quick and healthy way to prepare your body pre-workout is easy, here are some ideas for foods that will fuel your body best. Watch here for simple ideas.


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When thinking of healthy meals that your entire family will like, there are some options that subtitute traditional things like pasta with healthier options like vegetables, that taste and look very similar, watch here for a spaghtetti squash recipe. 

Everyone looks for quick and healthy ideas for breakfast and this one is good for adults and kids alike, check out this video that shows you how to make oatmeal and fruit jars.


For the full spaghetti squash recipe click here: