Where were all the flags in Cranford on Memorial Day? I noted some on a few of the corners in the town center, but not enough to signify that it was a special day, a patriotic day to honor our veterans.
Not too many years ago, flags were abundant in the downtown streets, waving brightly in the breezes signifying special times like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day.
Have our flags aged out? Can't our town budget allow for new ones? Are any on order?  Have we allowed current national political unrest to suppress our love of and pride in our nation? Are we taking our freedom for granted?
There are fewer flags being displayed at private homes also.  After 911, flags were displayed prominently throughout the neighborhoods in town.  Does it take a tragic national disaster to motivate us to fly our flags? Is wartime the only time we acknowledge our great country and its freedoms and  honor those who have died for us?
I urge town government, civic groups and citizens to bring back the American flags and display them proudly.

Brenda Flahault

Cranford, NJ