What's Cooking Cranford host Marazza Kruk and Brad Leszczynski from TAP into Cranford visited with Maria Tisdall, the owner of Cheese...Please! to get some tips and hints about pairing wine and cheese.

Tisdall says you can pair stronger cheeses with lighter wines, don't be afraid to try, "The wine opens up the cheese and the motto goes, if it grows together it goes together." So for example pairing a Spanish red wine with a manchego cheese would be nice. Or pair honey goat cheese with sparkling champagne. Tisdall tells her customers to try different combinations, you just never know what you may like. 

To watch the full video of wine and cheese pairings, including white, red and sparkling wine combinations, view video below:

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Cheese...Please! is more than happy to help customers pair wine and cheese for individuals, parties or gifts and also offers classes regarding the same. You can find them at 26 Eastman Street in Cranford or via: http://www.chzplz.com/