One of my favorite quotes is from H.E. Luccock: “No one can whistle a symphony, it takes an orchestra to play it.”

To get things done, it takes a team. Garwood deserves elected officials who will work together.  Since the election of Mayor Todisco in 2018, I have seen the concept of teamwork really blossom and grow.  In 2019, when a portion of the Paperboard building collapsed onto North Avenue, the Council pulled together to ensure the town was 100% reimbursed for our emergency response expenses. They didn’t point fingers, but instead worked together to hold the developer accountable. In 2020, the Mayor and Council once again pulled together to help mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on our Borough in big ways (like budget cuts to lower tax impacts on our residents) and small ways (like the “Shop Local” initiative to support our small businesses).

I used to see firsthand an inability to work together far too often on the Garwood Council.  I have attended many meetings of the governing body over the past 11 years I have lived in town, long before the Garwood LIVE project had me attending ALL of them. I saw some Republican Council members try to literally dissolve the shared service agreement with Fanwood, without even putting forward an alternative plan. They did not consider the complexity of the issue, from State certification, to the labor union, to the State requirements for a Superintendent of Public Works.  Instead, they had to retract their motion to dissolve the shared service after realizing the full details weren’t that simple.

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I’ve spent the last few years, between Garwood LIVE and my volunteer work on the Celebrations and Mayor’s Wellness Committees, working with others for the betterment of our community.  I’ve worked to build relationships within the community and with our employees.  I am ready to step into the job of Councilman on Day 1, joining the highly effective team we already have, and work in collaboration to move Garwood forward.

My opponents distribute divisive attack mailers with hollow promises of “bringing unity to the Borough” all while relentlessly attacking Mayor Todisco, our campaign and even Republican Councilman McCormack, disparaging him by naming him “McLosttheelection” after the primary.  This certainly doesn’t speak to the kind of unity or teamwork that Garwood should be known for.  I will bring the same spirit of working together I have already shown for years to my work on the Council.  

I believe the most important thing for an elected member of the Council to promise is that they will listen first, then either agree or disagree, but always with respect. I will always speak my mind and do what I believe is in the best interests of our community based on facts and feedback from residents. If elected, rest assured I will be there to ask the tough questions and provide the oversight our residents deserve.

I’m asking for the support of all Garwood’s residents because there is a lot of positive work to do.  I am ready and willing to work alongside an already outstanding team to get things done.  Vote Column A for Garwood Council, the Graham/Kearney ticket that knows a Strong Garwood is one where we work together!

Vincent Kearney

Democrats for Garwood Candidate for Borough Council