The Column D complaints literally do not add up.

The authors of a previous letter complain that members of the Cranford Democratic Committee were replaced for not supporting Union County Committee Chair and State Senator Nick Scutari. In reality, Column A includes many people who opposed Nick Scutari. New committee candidates were not asked to support Nick Scutari, and Column D partisans know that. In addition, the number used, 17, includes people who have passed away, are moving or are incapacitated.

No one forced Column D candidates to file to run against their neighbors. They chose to. No one made them post defamatory claims. They chose to. No one made them create a separate Facebook page which shares the Cranford Republicans' tagline “Cranford First”. They chose to.

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Working with Union County’s leadership, we fought to build the largest Democratic majority on the Township Committee in 40 years. We worked with great candidates for Congress and Assembly, and we will continue to do so.

Our Democratic Committee should reflect our wonderful town and its character. Cranford looks different today than it did decades ago. Our Committee should too. I'm proud that Column A is a younger and more diverse group, and I know they will build an even stronger party.

The Column D claims are a bald attempt to interfere with Cranford’s Democratic Party by outside parties who have no intention of putting Cranford First.