To the Editor,

This year’s Presidential election has captured our attention in many ways. I’d like to take a few minutes to move the focus to our local election because having the right people on the Cranford Township Committee is critical to our families, friends and neighbors. I believe the right candidates are Chrissa Stulpin and Gina Black.

I have been honored to serve Cranford for the past seven years as both Commissioner and Deputy Mayor. That service has given me a valuable perspective on the knowledge and experience needed to do the job.

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While raising their families and working full time, Chrissa and Gina remained active community volunteers.  As Cranford Public School parents, they supported youth sports, PTA’s and the many activities involved with raising children in our busy town. They quietly volunteered with the front-line support efforts and I admire them for that.

Chrissa and Gina stood with their neighbors after hurricanes and ice storms, and witnessed first-hand, the town-wide devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Irene. It is the foundation of their commitment to ensure that the fight for flood control on the federal, state and local level is a top priority.

They have followed the Affordable Housing discussion, know the history and want to ensure our affordable housing plan meets the needs of both our current residents, and families and individuals looking for their first opportunity to make that wonderful Cranford connection.

Our streets and sidewalks need to be safe for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of all ages. Having a long-term plan to assess and repair our aging roads and infrastructure is an integral part of their plan. It fits in with their philosophy of preparing instead of reacting.

Chrissa and Gina have stood strongly against the condemnation of private property as a means to facilitate development in our downtown. The appeal of Cranford is no secret. We do not need the threat of eminent domain to attract developers.

And Cranford is facing new challenges as a result of COVID-19. Chrissa and Gina are committed to working hard to make the Cranford economy better and stronger than ever. Their plan to work with the Chamber of Commerce and the DMC to rebuild our many commercial areas makes sense for Cranford. They know that it is not the Township Committee’s role to attract and retain businesses.

Cranford has an energy that is different than other towns. We believe strongly in community. Cranford pride is on display everywhere. Chrissa and Gina share that pride. They understand the issues and offer solid solutions. They have demonstrated a commitment to Cranford’s past, present and future and are the most qualified candidates to move Cranford forward. They will serve Cranford residents with integrity and compassion. This election, please join me in support of Chrissa Stulpin and Gina Black for Cranford Township Committee.


Mary O’Connor


Township of Cranford