I am supporting Jason Gareis and his campaign for a seat on the Township Committee. I had the opportunity to review his positions on two occasions. One being the candidates forum held on September 24. The other a forum hosted by Cranford’s two public safety unions.

For one, Jason Gareis is a strong proponent in the retention of “qualified immunity” protection police officers currently receive. For those who are unaware, qualified immunity protects law enforcement officials from frivolous lawsuits and financial liability in incidents where they acted in good faith. This is needed in a profession where officers at times are making split second decisions to protect others and themselves.

Mr. Gareis provided an example at the public safety forum. He described a police officer pulling over a vehicle for a broken taillight at 3 am. He does not want the officer to second guess himself, fearing a future legal action.

Mr. Gareis supports the relationship between the Cranford Police Department and the Board of Education. In particular, he supports retaining School Resource Officers in our schools. Do not think this program could not be removed. There are Cranford residents who support the dismantling of this program. A program that took years to build. In closing, a vote for Mr. Gareis is a vote for public safety.