Open Letter to Cranford Planning Board:

As you know, Hartz is scheduled to go before the Planning Board on July 18th.  Since last year, Hartz has postponed their meeting numerous times with no pushback that we can see whatsoever from the Planning Board.  

We are asking the Planning Board to direct the planning board attorney to send Hartz’s counsel a letter requiring that they confirm, 10 days prior to the meeting, the proposed witnesses and the witnesses’ availability for the 7/18 meeting.

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Absent Hartz confirming the above, the board should instruct Hartz’s counsel that due to the great public interest in the hearing process, and the board’s concern with board members’ and residents’ availability in August, the planning board will set aside one of the September meetings for the hearing.  We want the Planning Board to tell Hartz that it must advise which date on or before 7/18 and that it must confirm that their witnesses will all be available to testify on that date. Or Hartz should propose and pay for a special hearing in September. There has to be lead time for these meetings so we can prepare and so we can meet public interest.

Re-zoning 750 Walnut in order to build 905 apartments will have a major effect on Cranford and its residents for many years to come.  It is inappropriate and unfair to the taxpayers in this town that, like Lucy from Peanuts and her famous football, Hartz keeps setting and adjourning meeting dates in an obvious effort to weaken citizen resistance.  

We implore you to have the residents’ best interest in this matter and demand that Hartz complies with giving this town a full and fair opportunity to prepare for the hearing.




Cranford Residents Against Overdevelopment (CRAO)