CRANFORD, NJ - Every month at Cranford High School there is a seminar open to all students that focuses on building leadership schools. The seminar is called “Inventing Your Future” and it is run by Rebecca Braitling of Cranford, and Poyee Chui of Basking Ridge. They have their own company called “InspiraWork” where they help other companies facilitate effective change, teach leadership skills, and promote a positive mindset.
Chui describes why she enjoys working with students in these seminars. “We hope to build leadership skills in young people and teach them that everyone has the ability to contribute and become a leader”.
In the seminar, students were taught about company values in the workplace, upward and downward mentality spirals, their values, their strengths and weaknesses, problem solving, teamwork, and goal setting. Students also made vision boards, participated in activities, and watched videos about achieving goals and becoming leaders in the community.

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When asked if their program needed to be altered when working with students instead of company employees, Braitling said, “We use the same strategies and do the same activities, however, students tended to be more optimistic and open minded than adults, possibly because they haven’t faced many of the hardships that adults deal with”.
Braitling and Chui hope that the students use what they learned in the seminar by acknowledging the choices they make and the way they lead and to using their strengths and values to their benefit.