CRANFORD - Everyone has that certain teacher that leaves a lasting memory. But just like every other job, there comes a time where one gets to ride off into the sunset. Here is a list of the Cranford School District retirements, according to the Board of Education approved minutes.

Hillside Avenue School

  1. Kathryn Warren, Teacher of Achieve, 21 years of service.

Brookside Place School

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  1. Carolyn Chelland, Teacher of Second Grade, 25.5 years of service.

Bloomingdale Avenue School

  1. Jacqueline D’Arcy, Teacher of First Grade, 24 years of service.

Cranford High School

  1. Gwenn Cuozzo, Head Secretary Grades 9-12, 13 years of service
  2. Barbara Narus, Teacher of Family Consumer Sciences, 28 years of service.

Lincoln School

  1. Anita Onofri, Classroom Assistant, 34 years of service.


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