CRANFORD - At the July 8 Township Committee Workshop Meeting, representatives of the Downtown Management Corporation (DMC) presented a proposed new logo for Downtown Cranford.

The proposed new logo contains a bold black C outlined in gold, scaled to the same style found on an old map of Cranford. Though the typical colors associated with Cranford are blue and gold, the DMC's decision to propose black and gold is in an effort to rebrand the downtown as its own entity rather than follow the colors of the schools and sports teams.

In the presentation, the new logo was described as "clean, simple. scalable, reflective of past with a modern treatment, memorable, and uniquely ours." The current Downtown Cranford logo was described as having a dated color scheme, along with looking like a logo for a medical facility. Another critique was that the current logo says "Cranford Downtown" rather than "Downtown Cranford."

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When some Commissioners of the Township Committee questioned how the DMC came up with the color scheme and design, Anthony Durante, Chairman of the DMC, mentioned that they put together dozens of designs and color schemes, including blue and gold, but in the end felt that black and gold was the one they kept coming back to.

If the new logo gets the thumbs up, the cost to replace the current logo banners hung throughout the downtown will be paid out from the DMC budget.