CRANFORD - The Cranford Recreation and Parks Department has officially announced the winners
of the following canoe races:

10 – 13 Years Old:
1st Place: Sam Slayton & Gabe Westervelt
2nd Place: Anna McCabe & Rachel Westervelt
3rd Place: Catherine Consorte & Paige Nataline

14 – 20 Years Old:
1st Place: Dylan Budnik & Jack Carroll
2nd Place: Johnny Bush & Matt Fonseca
3rd Place: Caroline McCaffery & Ian Scott

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21 Years and Older:
1st Place: Gavin Murray & Kevin Trotter
2nd Place: Dylan Budnik & Jack Carroll
3rd Place: Louis Bock & Paul Starkey

Mother & Child:
1st Place: Keri & Tori Billows
2nd Place: Jennifer & Logan Murray
3rd Place: Emma & Anne Kaminski

Father & Child:
1st Place: John Snover & Ian Scott
2nd Place: Mike & Mike Scotti
3rd Place: Chris & Max Slayton

Ma & Pa:
1st Place: Dave Gelber & Becky Scotti
2nd Place: Kristen & Chris Slayton
3rd Place: Jessica & Ronald Lyp

Marathon 13 – 17 Yr. Old
1st Place: Paige Nataline & Catherine Consorte
2nd Place: Anna McCabe & Rachel Westervelt
3rd Place: n/a

Marathon 18 and Over
1st Place: Louis Bock, Paul Buonaguro & Paul Starkey
2nd Place: Dylan Budnik, Johnny Bush & Jack Carroll
3rd Place: Gavin Murray, Kevin Trotter & Tommy Trotter