CRANFORD - For the second consecutive year, Cranford residents will have the opportunity to rid themselves of their bulk waste.


1. A PERMIT IS REQUIRED at a cost of $120.00.

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2. The amount of material placed at the curbside cannot exceed 750 pounds per permit. More than one permit can be obtained. Registrants should have a general idea of what they will be placing at the curbside when they purchase the permit to determine whether they will need more than one permit.

3. The Permit fee must be paid at the time of registration. Each registrant will be issued a sticker to be placed on the most prominent object at the curbside and a placard to be displayed in the front window of the house.

4. The Permit Application is located on Page 4 here. Applications can be mailed or presented in-person.

5. Permit sales began on September 1st and conclude based on the schedule below.

6. Permits CANNOT be purchased after Noon on the Friday prior to your pickup week.

7. No refunds will be issued.

8. Cash or checks will be accepted. Make check payable to Township of Cranford.

9. The Zone number can be determined by viewing the enclosed map, visiting or calling the Office at 908-709-7299.


(Must be received by September 20) 

Township of Cranford

Attn: Bulk Waste Permits

8 Springfield Avenue Cranford, New Jersey 07016


Cranford Municipal Building - 8 Springfield Avenue 

Health Department (Lower Level)

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Closed September 2 and October 14


Zone 1 - September 1 to September 27

Zone 2 - September 1 to October 11

Zone 3 - September 1 to October 25

Zone 4 - September 1 to November 8


Items must be curbside by 7am on the first Monday of your scheduled pickup.

Zone 1 (Sept. 30 – Oct. 11): Northwest section including all streets west of the river and Springfield Ave. toward Kenilworth Blvd. and North Ave. West up to the Garwood/Westfield line.

Zone 2 (Oct. 14 – 25): Northeast section including all of Riverside Drive and all streets to the east of Springfield Avenue linking North Avenue. East to the Roselle Park and Kenilworth line.

Zone 3 (Oct. 28 – Nov. 8): Southwest section and all streets west of Walnut Ave. to South Ave. West to the Clark/Garwood line.

Zone 4 (Nov. 11 – 22): Southeast section and all streets east of Walnut Avenue from South Avenue East to Roselle line and all streets north of Raritan Road to Roselle line.


Air Conditioners, Appliances (Stoves, refrigerators, washers,etc. Note: Please remove doors), Furniture, Carpeting, Lawn Furniture, Old Books (Note: Used books should be recycled at the curb in brown paper bags or bundled), Tires, Miscellaneous Wood or Metal (Note: Must be bundled in 4’ lengths), Non-riding Lawn Mowers, Toys, Old Doors & Windows, Hot Water Heaters, Tools, Clothing / Textiles, Construction Materials (not by contractor)

***Small, loose items must be placed in suitable containers or neatly bundled and cannot exceed 50lbs


Pesticides, Herbicides, Paint & Paint Thinners, Pool Chemicals, Hazardous Materials, Gas or Propane Canisters & Fuel Tanks, Riding Mowers and Similar Equipment, Construction Materials Generated by Contractors, Auto Batteries, Tree Stumps, Vegetative Waste, Grass, Junked Vehicles, Food Waste & Household Garbage, Explosive or Flammable Materials, Items of Excessive Weight (Examples: Pianos. Pool Tables & Oil Tanks), Glass Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Newspapers, Magazines and other Mandatory Recyclables, Bricks, Stones, Cement

***Recycle at Conservation Center: TV Sets, Computers & Electronics, Motor Oil / Filters