For 50 years, Cranford has been the only place I have called home. I have fond memories of walking and biking to Orange Avenue, Roosevelt School, and our high school. After serving you for 25 years on the Cranford Police Department and now as the CEO of a thriving Cranford private investigative business, I am seeking to leverage my law enforcement experience to further enhance the safety of our children. The society that I walked to school isn’t the same that our children are growing in. Additionally, Cranford has offered families a thriving educational and real estate investment, which through innovative approaches we can capture the correct financial funding for our schools.

My opponents in column 3 and column 5 are members of the school board, that strongly advocated for a busing policy. In fact, one of the incumbents solicited and accepted an unprecedented campaign contribution from a political action committee of Washington, D.C. What does special interest group want with our tax dollars? Cranford’s a town with bicycle paths and neighborhood streets that interconnect our neighborhood schools. Proposing bringing an additional 19 buses is an outlandish educational policy.  Thankfully, our citizens championed for our excellent neighborhood schools and finally after 20 meetings and a taxpayer funded survey, the politicians changed course.

My concern is the following. If the composition of the board of education isn’t changed, busing will rear its ugly head again. If one truly lobbied for a policy, they will not rest until it is implemented.  

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My proposal for your children and tax dollars is the following:

  • Appointment of a Citizen Audit Committee to ensure tax dollars are being spent prudently.
  • Advocate for an increase of grant applications to ensure innovation of our curriculum and addressing topics such as vaping.
  • A community task force concerning the safety of our schools.
  • Enhance the infrastructure of our neighborhood schools.

On November 5th, please vote column 4 and follow Brian Lopez for Cranford Board of Education on Facebook.

Your neighbor,