Three thousand eight hundred seventy students walk through the doors of our Cranford schools every day, including three of my own. Every one of them matters and deserves an incredible experience under our care.

My commitment to our children is why I hope you will allow me the privilege of continuing to serve as a member of Cranford’s Board of Education. Being a BOE member for the past four years has been incredibly rewarding and I hope to continue to use my almost 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher, school principal, district administrator, board member, and parent of three Cranford students to support our schools and make them the very best they can be. It is truly a labor of love for me to serve you, our children and our community.

My goal has been, and will continue to be, to give all of our children the schools they deserve by ensuring that every child in this district finds a place in our schools where they can thrive and grow. All of our students needs our attention in some way, whether it be in the form of additional assistance in reading and math, enrichment in the arts or a trusted adult to talk to.

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As Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee, I have led a group that has been collaborating with the District to bring each student the best educational experience. Our initiatives have ranged from introducing a more hands-on approach to science through FOSS kits in our elementary schools to expanded course offerings and a new rotate and drop schedule in our high school. An ongoing and important part of our work together is concentrating on personalized learning and meeting the needs of all students through our tiered system of supports and the use of data.

During my service on the Board, we have focused not only on academics, but on the whole child. We have allocated resources toward additional guidance counselors and a new District Coordinator for Culture and Climate, as well as many other safety enhancements and upgrades. Through a variety of grants and an invested leadership team, this will continue to be a priority.

It is an honor to be a member of a serious and bold Board of Education that is not afraid to bring new ideas to the public. It is a Board that believes in engaging with the community and allowing this partnership to chart the course forward. Last year, a proposal was brought forth to “reimagine” our schools and the amount of community involvement was incredibly encouraging. Through this, the Board understands that the desire of the community is to enhance our facilities and explore full day kindergarten while maintaining the neighborhood feel that residents cherish. I am firmly committed to pursuing progress along those lines and will work with the rest of the Board and District to honor our commitment to do so. I look forward to engaging in continued conversations about the next steps towards helping to shape the future of the Cranford schools utilizing the feedback and input from the survey.

Thank you to all who are striving to bring the very best to every one of our children and hope you will continue to allow me to do so on your behalf as a member of the Cranford Board of Education.

We have exciting work ahead of us.


Note: this article is not endorsed by the BOE nor does it represent the BOE