CRANFORD - Linda Karlovich, owner of The Porch Salon in Cranford, has won the Borough of Kenilworth's Mayor's Race. 

"I am super excited. It's such a privilege and honor to be elected as Mayor," said Karlovitch. "I have a lot of energy, I'm driven and have a lot of passion to get things done."

Like Cranford's Township Committee election, the race was not over on election night. Karlovitch and her opponent, Salvatore Candarella, had to wait until Friday when the provisional and mail-in ballots were counted. After election night, Karlovitch held just a 12-vote lead, and after Friday's final count, she won the race by just nine votes, according to

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"I had a lot of people coming in and congratulating me and sending me flowers, which was really nice, but I had to explain to them to wait a second, it's not official yet," said Karlovitch.

Along with Karlovitch (D), her running mates and incumbents Mark David and Kay Anne Ceceri also won their Town Council races. 

"The three of us won and we were very happy about that because we work really well together," added Karlovitch. "We have a lot of shared visions for the town and the direction of the town. I'm grateful that we will still have a strong team."

In January, along with becoming Mayor of Kenilworth, Karlovitch will celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Porch Salon. She believes her experience running a business will help her succeed in her role as Mayor.

"I think the best thing about me is that I'm an entrepreneur. I run a small business and I've been doing this long enough where I've learned a lot of things," she said. "Failure isn't fatal. You learn and that makes you stronger and smarter for the next time. I plan on applying those life experiences in this position as Mayor of Kenilworth."