CRANFORD - If you've stopped into the Rustic Mill Diner over the past few months, you may have noticed some changes. 

Among those changes include new menu items, the removal of carpet in favor of hardwood floor, and other interior upgrades. Nick Siderias, the new owner of the Rustic Mill said that there are more changes on the horizon. 

"Before I changed it, the menu had been the same here for the past 10 years," said Siderias. "But you know, once you change the menu, you get scared like are you going to lose the customer? But the reception has been great. I think people are tasting the difference."

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Some upgrades to the menu include 12 different types of pancakes that Siderias prides as homemade. Specialty combinations include pancakes topped with cannoli cream, walnuts and honey, oreos and whipped cream, and many more options. Siderias' father has owned multiple diners and restaurants including an iHOP in the past where he learned to perfect his pancake recipe. But Siderias for a small block of time was out of the food industry all together before he realized it was where his true passion was.

"We sold the iHOP in 2008 and I went to work with my uncle who owns a car service," he said. "I was with him for about the past seven years but it was about two to three years ago that I said I was going to go for it with a diner."

While working in his father's restaurants, Siderias has learned the industry like the back of his hand by serving in every position possible such a bus boy, to dish washer, to cooking. 

Though his main goal so far has been to ramp up breakfast, Siderias has also added healthy options for lunch along with daily dinner specials made from scratch. In the coming future, nightly specials such as an Italian night and Greek night will be introduced to keep things fresh. 

After dinner, it is highly encouraged you try one of the new "Shake Explosions." These milkshakes such as the "Chocolate Blowout" feature shakes blended with delicious toppings such as cookie crumbles and sprinkles and are topping with a whole slice of cake!

"There's a lot of competition around here. You have to be different," said Siderias. 

Rustic Mill Diner is located at 109 North Avenue West in Cranford.