CRANFORD, NJ – Cranford Community Connection is promoting healthy living throughout the community with “Get Fit Cranford.”

The event, open to Cranford residents of all ages, aims to improve overall health and happiness, according to Ashley Legg, a volunteer for Cranford Community Connection and owner of Legg Day Fitness.

“As a Cranford resident and volunteer, I really wanted to spearhead an event that promotes a healthy lifestyle through action and education,” Legg said. “I liked the idea of hosting free classes for the community to enjoy but also to learn something valuable too.”

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“Get Fit Cranford” will feature classes for both children and adults. Kids can learn about sports and specializes fitness, like yoga and martial arts, geared towards a younger class. Adults can participate in lessons for Thai Chi, yoga, Zumba, CrossFit and dance.

“We just want to educate people about why a healthy lifestyle matters,” Legg said. “Plus, we want to showcase the fun part. Events like this bring everyone together for the greater good.”

The event will also feature mental exercises for seniors, including a game of Simon Says, hosted by Mayor Thomas Hannen, Jr. The event is part of the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign.

“To be a part of the Mayor's Wellness Campaign is to continue to put Cranford on the map for health and wellness,” Legg said. “This is a statewide initiative and participating Mayors are provided tools and strategies to really help our community be a healthier place to live.”

Additionally, local businesses will be available as food vendors and instructors.

“We really want to create a community based environment where people of all ages, from kids to adults, thrive when it comes to eating right and exercising,” Legg said. “Our health is the most important tool to living a long and happy life.”

“Get Fit Cranford” will be held on Sunday, April 22 from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the municipal lot next to the Cranford Firehouse.

“The event also falls on Earth Day, which is a great way to show our support for the natural beauty for our planet and how to keep it healthy with actions like recycling,” Legg added. “We want to show people in town that health and wellness is fun.”