CRANFORD - At the June 10 Cranford Board of Education Work Session Meeting, Superintendent Dr. Scott Rubin and the Board honored the 24 retirees of the Cranford Public Schools District. 

Rubin mentioned that he did the math and between the 24 retirees, the average years of service is 25 and they combine for 597 total years of service. 

"If I wore a hat, I would tip it," said Rubin. "But I think it says something about our community, right? One of the things that makes Cranford so charming is that we do have people that commit to the community for so many years and enjoy their time here, build relationships, and really work with our students and help them to succeed."

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1. Shaun Benoit, Kindergarten, Bloomingdale Avenue School

2. Cynthia Brennan, Classroom Assistant, Livingston Avenue School

3. Michele Fazio, Special Education, Cranford High School

4. Susan Fitzmaurice, Special Education, Hillside Avenue School

5. Elizabeth Kellett, School Nurse, Orange Avenue School

6. Mary Beth Kirk, Achieve Teacher, Hillside Avenue School

7. Paul McClendon, Custodian, Cranford High School

8. Robin Melleno, Library Media Specialist, Cranford High School

9. June Molloy, Classroom Assistant, Hillside Avenue School

10. Pam Monteagudo, Special Education, Brookside Place School

11. Lori Moonan, Achieve Teacher, Brookside Place School

12. John Mujica, Maintenance, Garage

13. Kandace Nieliwocki, Secretary, Walnut Avenue School

14. Andrea Ohlandt, Classroom Assistant, Lincoln School

15. Linda Osborne, Spanish Teacher, Cranford High School

16. Mary Purcell, Art Teacher, Walnut Avenue School, Livingston Avenue School, and Orange Avenue School

17. Carole Rood, Classroom Assistant, Lincoln School

18. Gerald Salzarulo, Special Education Science Teacher, Lincoln School

19. Kathleen Savage, Physical Education, Cranford High School

20. Diane Sideris, Art Teacher, Hillside Avenue School

21. Elaine Traynor, Special Education, Cranford High School

22. Sharon Waldman, English as a Second Language, Hillside Avenue School

23. Antonia Ward, Speech Language Specialist, Bloomingdale Avenue School

24. Carol Westlund, Speech Language Specialist, Bloomingdale Avenue School and Lincoln School