CRANFORD - In a letter to the Cranford community Wednesday afternoon, Cranford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Rubin said that the district is preparing for a potentially longer period of home instruction / distance learning, one that extends past the upcoming spring break.

The closure of Cranford Public School and implementation of Emergency Education Plan (home instruction / distance learning began on Friday, March 13 with the idea of possibly reopening two weeks later on Monday, March 30. Now, midway through week two of the Emergency Education Plan, with no set date of when the Governor will lift Executive Order No. 103 (2020), which states that our schools will be, “closed to students ...and shall remain closed as long as this Order remains in effect...”, the proposition of an extended closure is cause for a reevaluation of the plan.

"The District has been discussing how to transition our focus to provide an even greater continuity of education through the infusion of live interaction, while continuing to balance what is reasonable for staff, parents/guardians, and students," said Dr. Rubin. "Live interaction, for our District purposes, is defined as shared teacher / student experiences through an audio / visual platform, i.e. zoom, google meet, etc… We believe we have developed the foundation of a plan that strikes the appropriate balance as we pivot towards preparing for a potentially longer period of home instruction / distance learning, one that extends past the upcoming spring break."

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In order to further develop the plan and make sure the faculty and staff have the appropriate support prior to communicating it to the community at large and implementing it on Tuesday, April 14, the District will hold a virtual Professional Development Day next week, on Monday, March 30. March 30 will still count as a “regular” school day for students, but teachers may not be readily available throughout the day (including office hours) as they will be taking part in the Professional Development Day. Students and parents / guardians should try to save their questions for Tuesday. Teachers will be advised to prepare for March 30 by providing students with enrichment activities and / or provide students with an opportunity to catch up on their workload, instead of providing new material.

Details of the updated Emergency Education Plan (Home Instruction / Distance Learning) will be provided to the community by April 1. 

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