CRANFORD - Cranford families are encouraged to walk to school on Wednesday, October 7 for Cranford Walk to School Day. 

The day is to promote healthier habits for children and adults for going to school, as well as safer and more accessible streets. Participating Cranford schools include Bloomingdale Avenue School, Brookside Place school. Hillside Avenue School, Livingston Avenue School, Orange Avenue School, and Walnut Avenue School. 

As you walk with your child, here are some safety tips from the Cranford Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee:

  • Select a walking route with less traffic and fewer intersections. When available, cross at a location with an adult school crossing guard.
  • Look for traffic at every driveway and intersection. Be aware of drivers in parked cars that may be getting ready to move. 
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals. 
  • Cross the street safely.
    • Stop at the curb or edge of the street.
    • Look left, right, left, and behind you and in front of you for traffic. 
    • Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing.
    • Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing.
    • Walk, don't run across the street.