CRANFORD - Dr. Scott Rubin, Superintendent of Cranford Public Schools, released his Superintendent Report to the Cranford Board of Education on 9/23. 


  • Sophomore Catarina Guimaraes returned home from the Para Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, with 2 Bronze medals for Team USA. Catarina is now ranked in the Top 10 in the world for female sprinters with Cerebral Palsy.

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  • Cranford High School opened its doors to students on September 5. Students in grades 10-12 followed an abbreviated schedule and were dismissed at 12:30. Ninth graders experienced a full day of classes and enjoyed a pizza lunch hosted by PRIDE students. The incoming freshmen then participated in activities designed to acquaint them with the school and to prepare them for a successful school year.
  • Cam Matheson, junior, has been named the BOE liaison for the high school. “Cam is looking forward to the new position and is anxious to represent CHS students at Board meetings,” stated Principal Mark Cantagallo.
  • On September 11, CHS held a moment of silence to honor those lost in the tragedy of 9/11. The moment of silence was followed by a rendition of the National Anthem performed by the CHS Madrigals.
  • CHS Japanese classes were visited by Ha Nguyen, a professor of Japanese at Temple University, who spoke about the benefits of studying the language and its role in international business and government affairs.
  • On September 12th,  the Diversity Council and Global Affairs Cohort attended a performance of Yasmina’s Necklace at Kean University. The central theme focused on the challenges of immigrants and their struggle to assimilate in the United States.
  • During the week of September 23 - 27, CHS will engage in activities designed by Sandy Hook Promise, a non profit organization, created to promote a school culture that resolves conflicts peacefully and is designed to engage students with one another. Titled, Start with Hello Week, the program will promote activities facilitated by the CHS Character Education Coordinator, Emily Donahue and the CHS School Counseling Department.


  • BAS had a wonderful opening to the school year.  Staff, students and families have come together for New Student Orientation, Kindergarten Orientation and Back to School Night.  In addition, students have begun to enjoy some of the improvements that were made to the school over the summer. Students were welcomed back to classroom walls popping with color, flexible seating options and technology improvements.  
  • Thank you to the CFEE for awarding Kelly LoGiudice - Alfano, grade 2, a grant that has transformed the classroom.  To further promote independence, collaboration and a shared sense of community, traditional desks have been replaced with shared work spaces and flexible seating options.
  • A special thank you to the BAS PTA for making improvements to our recess resources and playground.  New games and supplies were purchased for indoor recess and students in all grade levels will be enjoying new read aloud books that promote diversity, tolerance and community building. 











  • Taking a seat in Nanci Collin’s 5th grade classroom now requires some decision-making skills. In addition to traditional student desks and chairs, her classroom features flexible seating options such as wobble chairs/stools, surf portable laptop desks and wiggle seats. These options were purchased this summer thanks to the generosity of a Cranford Fund for Educational Excellence (CFEE) grant awarded to Mrs. Collins. “The variety of seating gives students an additional choice and voice in their learning and helps to further personalize the learning environment,” she explained. “The wobble and wiggle seats are great for active sitting and the portable laptop desks are ideal for small group or individual student work. I can’t wait to see how these tools positively impact student learning.” 
  • The pathways outside BPS were brightened with colorful and encouraging messages thanks to the creative talents and good will of a group of BPS parents/guardians. Encouraging phrases greeted teachers, staff and students on the first day of school. The messages were a wonderful reminder to begin the year with a positive attitude and complemented the culture of kindness the BPS community strives to create each academic year. Inside the classrooms, teachers established routines and promoted those same values of kindness, courtesy and respect. Principal Michael Klimko visited the three 5th grade classrooms to talk about the importance of role models and student leaders. The whole class discussion included different scenarios and focused on how, as the oldest students in the building, they play a special part in making BPS a fun, inclusive and welcoming place to learn and grow.









  • On September 6th, Hillside Avenue School held Welcome Back assemblies for each grade level. The students and staff came to the auditorium to celebrate the beginning of the school year. The focus of the middle schools assemblies was to “always try your best” which featured a short video highlighting the idea of never giving up. The elementary assemblies focused on kindness.
  • Students in Wendy Jacob, Ellen English, and Erica Brown's 7th grade ELA classes will be starting Global Read Aloud this month.  Students will collaborate with Liz Chandler's ELA students at OAS and a second 7th grade ELA class in Wisconsin to discuss the text, The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman.  They will participate in discussions with students outside of our school to enhance their read aloud experience of the text and to connect with others in the world through reading.
  • Sixth grade students in Matt Fichter’s Science classes were quickly exposed to their first lab activity of the year. The goal of the lesson was for students to show off their lab safety skills while attempting to successfully follow a detailed procedure. Paying attention to details and being cautious in the science classroom have been stressed thus far, and the students did not disappoint! It was clear that the "chemistry" of each class was strong. 
  • Second grade students in Angela Cerchio and Theresa Pallitto’s classes participated in a service learning project for Patriot’s Day.  They read the book September 12th: We Knew Everything Would Be Alright, and then they created large cards for the Cranford Police Department and Cranford Fire Department through shared writings.  


  • According to James Truslow Adams, "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement, regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.” Liz McKeon’s students will be analyzing these words and then writing their own definitions of the American Dream. 
  • Cynthin Arch’s group counseling classes will focus on several important topics aimed at promoting a positive school culture and climate, such as bullying, anger management, respect and self-esteem.  The use of hands-on activities as well as discussion will be an integral part of the counseling process.  
  • LEAP students started the year with lessons that focused on cooperation, good citizenship and self-esteem. Among various activities, students read, Anansi the Spider. Through this story, the students learned how important it is for everyone to work together. 
  • Caitlin Murach's applied music students are in the process of exploring different types of instruments.  Soon, they will select one instrument to play throughout the year and they look forward to performing for the community.  


  • Livingston Avenue School’s staff and students returned to a newly renovated library media center (see before and after photos).  The students loved the new wall color and all the updates. The library media center has new collaborative tables that are easily configured for different interactive learning environments.  The new reading corner with bright flexible seating and a couch was the students’ favorite addition. Everyone is looking forward to an exciting year with makerspace, robots, and reading fun in the new learning space.  A big thank you to Livingson’s PTA for making this happen!
  • Livingston Avenue School’s new principal, Cari Lopez and interim principal,  Jennifer Dinardi held a Meet and Greet with families on September 3rd. Over 30 families attended.  The two leaders worked collaboratively with the PTA who donated refreshments. Mrs. Lopez enjoyed meeting the children and their parents.
  • On September 9th, Livingston Avenue School held its annual Welcome Back assembly for all staff and students. The assembly began with a warm welcome to our new students and staff. Mrs. Dinardi, interim principal, surprised the students with a video clip of Mrs. Lopez wishing everyone a great start to the school year. Teresa Normann, LAS Kindness Coordinator, then spoke about the LAS families and upcoming kindness events. The assembly wrapped up with  Colleen McDonald, music teacher, leading the entire building in the singing of the "LAS School Song" and chanting of the "LAS Pledge." It was a wonderful way to start the year at LAS!









  • OAS students were welcomed by several of the staff wearing either Cranford is Kind t-shirts or spiritwear on the first day of school.  
  • Each grade level was called, separately, to the auditorium and students were challenged to find their “One Awesome Supporter,”a trusted staff member for whom they could turn at OAS.   Staff members were also challenged to be the “One Awesome Supporter" for as many students who need them during the opening faculty meeting. During class meetings, a video, “You Really Do Matter,” directed by Suzette de Araujo and filmed and edited by Daniel Reppert, was shown to all of the students.  You can view the video here: One Awesome Supporter
  • Students are in the process of trying out for the fall drama, The Neverending Story, which will be held at OAS October 24th (4:00 - dress rehearsal show for Senior Citizens), 25th (7:30), 26th (7:30), and 27th (2:00).
  • OAS Peer Leader volunteers Isabelle Cleveland, Sam Schiffl, Meredith Ruple, Kiran Davis, Drew Shusterman, Evan Surmay, and Ryan Turnamian, along with their advisor Angie Braxton, aided in both the 6th grade orientation and a make-up orientation.  Both events were held in August and helped acclimate students to middle school.  Emma Van Bergen organized the events.


  • The students and staff were excited to begin the new school year and students were excited to see the improvements that were made to the playground and the school.  The students now have a pirate ship on the playground, specifically designed for our preschool students. Additionally, our hallways now have sensory pathways. We are thankful to the Cranford Fund for Educational Excellence (CFEE) for providing us with the grant for the sensory paths.  A special thank you also goes out to our occupational therapist, Colleen Donovan, for her support with this new addition.  Our students and staff are enjoying the opportunity to jump, hop, crab crawl, march, tip toe, and tree pose their way through the hallways.  
  • Staff and students have begun the year with a “growth mindset.”  The research of Carol Dweck is based on the premise that when students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger.  The staff at Walnut Avenue School will focus on praising hard work and effort, which cultivates a growth mindset.
  • This year WAS will have 2 student teachers and 13 pre-clinical interns from SHU.  Dr. Grace May, Seton Hall University Associate Professor of Educational Studies, and her students assisted the teachers with classroom setup, seating decisions and classroom organization.   The WAS and SHU partnership is a wonderful addition to WAS.