CRANFORD - The Cranford Police Department and Cranford Public Schools announced the creation of school “Police Substations” within its 3 largest schools in an ongoing effort to increase school safety, security, and law enforcement visibility. This effort complements the district’s recent additions to safety and security infrastructure throughout the township’s public schools.

Currently, both organizations have a shared services agreement in which the schools contribute funding to the township in exchange for services from the police department’s Juvenile Bureau and School Resource Officer Program. Cranford High School, Hillside Avenue School and Orange Avenue School now have designated offices to be used by the School Resource Officers and members of the Patrol Division on a daily basis.

“The purpose of a police substation is to increase police visibility while offering officers another place to complete reports, make follow-up calls, and conduct school business,” said Cranford Police Chief Ryan Greco. The Police Department already has a healthy relationship with Principals, faculty, and students, but the substations have increased that bond.

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“Our officers participate in classroom lessons, offer feedback on mandated school drills, and interact with teachers on a daily basis,” Chief Greco continued. “The consistent presence in schools afforded by these designated spaces foster communication and a healthy working relationship.”

The Cranford Public Schools’ in-house building, grounds, and custodial personnel created these spaces swiftly since the idea first came forward in November of 2018. Additionally, The Home Depot of Garwood, led by Store Manager Gino Temporal, provided construction supplies, paint and carpeting to aid in the project’s successful completion. Laptop computers that may be used by officers to complete reports and follow-up investigations were supplied by generous donors.

According to Dr. Scott Rubin, Cranford Superintendent of Schools, “This is yet another fine example of the community coming together for the benefit of our children. The District is very proud and appreciative of its strong partnership with the Cranford Police Department and thanks all involved in helping to make this important initiative a reality.”

The Cranford Police Department and Cranford Public Schools have had a shared services agreement since 2014.