Dr. Kurt M. Krause, DMD in his effort to advance oral health this past February during National Children’s Dental Health Month visited Cranford’s Walnut Avenue School to volunteer for the month-long celebration. 

During his visit, Dr. Krause encouraged beneficial dietary habits to help children maintain good oral health. He spoke about keeping teeth safe during sports and encouraged proper dental hygiene on a regular basis. He also showed students a film about visiting the dentist. Dr. Krause practices general dentistry in his native Cranford, attended Cranford Public Schools and earned his dental degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

“I believe it’s important for children to learn about their teeth and how and why to take care of them, said Dr. Krause. "The well behaved group seemed interested and participated with good questions and selecting good and bad foods for their health. The children also had fun when the furry animal had his teeth cleaned.“