CRANFORD - The Cranford Police Department is paying tribute to fallen officer, Patrolman Robert F. Hand, with its new vehicle design, which also incorporates a gold police seal that was previously used on Township police cars from the 1960's through 1991.

According to Police Chief Ryan Greco, "We wanted to integrate modern and classic aspects of law enforcement into the new design." Today, the Cranford Police Department fleet, which consists primarily of Ford Police Interceptor Utilities, incorporates the traditional black and white police vehicle paint scheme with bold gold lettering. In addition, Patrolman Robert F. Hand, who died in the line of duty on February 11, 1975, is being remembered by a badge memorial decal affixed on the rear tailgate of each police car.

The design is being implemented on older vehicles as well as new cars being rotated into service. Captain Joseph Van Bergen was primarily responsible for the new design and has been instrumental in the upfitting of Cranford's police vehicles since the 1990's. "I wanted to keep the design clean and simple, while incorporating symbols of the department's traditions," said Captain Van Bergen.

For those looking for a closer look of the new design, the Cranford Police Department plans on having a vehicle on display for this year's National Night Out, scheduled for August 7, 2018.