CRANFORD - Each year, the Cranford Booster Club hosts an awards ceremony to honor Cranford High School senior student-athletes for their hard work and dedication. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's ceremony was held virtually.

"Unfortunately, like everything else this year, we were unable to meet in person, but we did not want to pass up this important night to honor out student-athletes, cheerleaders, and band members as they have put in countless hours of practice, hard-work, and they all deserve to be recognized," said Booster Club Co-President Bob Bruns.  

The Booster Club presented six $750 scholarships, with the selection criteria being based on a point system that included participation and individual honors and accolades at the county and state level. The students' family must also be Booster Club members to be eligible for the scholarship. The Booster Club Scholarship Committee is comprised of members who do not have a graduating senior. 

The six recipients were Aidan Plick (football, baseball, ice hockey), Laurel Teel (soccer, swimming, spring track), Grace Power (soccer, swimming, winter track, lacrosse), Patrick Blowe (football, basketball), Cole Blazek (football, basketball, lacrosse), and Erin Trojan (field hockey, swimming, lacrosse).