CRANFORD - In a video published on his Twitter page, former head coach in the college and professional ranks and ESPN broadcaster, Dick Vitale, paid tribute to Will DeGregorio, an 11-year old from Cranford who lost his battle with cancer this past week.

Vitale said:

"I was so saddened and heart-broken last night when I got a message from Bob Wischusen, my partner at ESPN, and the message was about a youngster by the name of Will DeGregorio, 11 years of age. He was battling cancer. Bob and his beautiful wife, Julie, went out of their way and we were going to bring him into my gala. Bring him here so we could pay tribute to him and that he would be a member of my All Courageous Team. Well, he will not be there as he lost his life in the battle versus cancer. But I will tell you this - He will not be forgotten. Trust me. We're going to pay a tribute to him, big time, and we're also going to give $200,000 in his name to battle the cancer that took his life. I'll tell you this - that's heart-breaking my friends. Beautiful young kid, 11 years of age, battling, battling, and battling and ultimately loses his life. Please, I beg you from the bottom of my heart. I need you people to donate and help us every way possible. Go to Money is needed. We can't allow this to happen. Beautiful young people. Will, may he rest in peace."