DENVILLE, NJ - The Denville Township Council held its 2018 reorganization meeting Tuesday evening, an event that featured optimistic remarks by Mayor Thomas Andes and other members of the governing body.

The meeting opened to the Advancement of Colors by Boy Scout Troop 17. New council ward representatives were then given the Oath of Office. Brian Bergen, representing Ward 2, Glenn Buie, representing Ward 3, and Gary Borowiec, of Ward 4, were sworn-in and given an opportunity to make remarks.  

Ward 1 representative Doug Gabel was elected council president and addressed the crowd with comments of gratitude. In his address, Gabel stressed his commitment to keeping Denville one of the best places in New Jersey to raise a family, pointing to the township's schools and a vibrant downtown. 

Andes gave a positive State of the Municipality Address where he expressed his commitment to tackle the impending affordable housing requirements imposed by the state.