Source: Independent Investigative Reporter- Journalist and Author Samuel K. Burlum returns to TAPinto; providing readership with additional perspectives on issues and concerns relating to business development, green technology, public policy concerns, environmental and economic sustainability, and small business advocacy. So it’s time to shift gears and get into “The Green Lane.”

Since 2012, Samuel K. Burlum has been an active Investigative report and journalist, and accomplished author, having written over one hundred articles, and authored two books.  Burlum brings to TAPinto a series of helpful articles and commentary aimed to provide insight and assistance to the small business community, environmental community, and individuals concerned with better health and wellness.

Burlum has authored articles for Natural Awakenings Magazine, Truth About Trucking, Linked-in’s The Pulse, as well for a number of commercial websites. Leveraging his experience as a consultant to small businesses including in the industries of senior health care, automotive technology, digital technology, water-beverage manufacturing, health and wellness, alternative payment-value exchange systems, local service businesses, private education centers, and other emerging technology, Burlum reveals the behind the scenes for readers interested in small business advocacy, education, environment, and community enhancement.

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“It’s great to be back, and having the ability to share my experiences and lessons learned, knowledge acquired from my worldly business experiences, with local readership. Anytime I can provide insight to the changes to the small business climate, and contribute to the importance of small business advocacy, community support for healthier neighborhoods, and public awareness of issues that hit close to home, I feel I am using my blessings to serve others,” Burlum stated.

“By engaging with TAPinto, it is my hope to cross promote my following of readers to get interested in all of the benefits TAPinto provides as it serves over 7 million + readers, with additional readership beyond the borders of New Jersey, the state in which TAPinto began its journey.”

“I have always been a fan of TAPinto from its early inception, and its ability to engage with readership and businesses within designated communities and towns. TAPinto has filled a void in localized news and announcements that has seemed to be left when many local newspapers merged with larger news organizations.”

“One of the most profound services TAPinto offers is the ability for local small businesses to connect with members of their local community, through a series of available tools such as business directory listing, press releases, announcements, community calendar, connection events, and additional marketing partnership opportunities designed to be affordable for the local small business owner.”

“The Green Lane is to serve as another addition of public service for the following of TAPinto, including the local community, readership, and small businesses which seek to maximize their brand awareness with TAPinto audiences.”

Samuel K. Burlum begins his column “The Green Lane,” on TAPinto, and offered to readers discussion and commentary aimed to strike up conversations in the community on how to best bridge issues and problems that stifle local small business growth, environmental mitigation, and health and wellness.

Burlum is an accredited Investigative Reporter and Journalist through the American Image Press, US Press Corps, and has authored the books, “The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource, Water,” and “Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses,” which are offered on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books-A-Million, and available at local books stores such as Black Dog Books (Newton, NJ), and Broad Street Books (Branchville, New Jersey).

Samuel K. Burlum is an Investigative Reporter and Journalist who author’s articles related to economic development, innovation, green technology, business strategy, and public policy concerns. Samuel K. Burlum is also a career entrepreneur, who currently lends his expertise as a Consultant firm to start-up companies, small businesses, and mid-size enterprises, providing advisement in several areas including strategic business planning, business development, supply chain management, and systems integration. He is also author of “The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource-Water,” and “Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses.”

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