A counterpoint to the Moms Demand Action Letter to the Editor posted January 8, 2016. I understand it was just an editorial and doesn't not reflect opinions of TiR. I do question the reason for posting this particular person's letter when it involves a different town in an entirely different county. Regardless, the writer makes the assertion that tougher gun laws will magically "end gun violence". We will never end gun violence, poverty, war, or any other one of life's realities.

Chicago and other major US cities have some of the strictest gun laws on the books yet have the highest crime rates committed with firearms. Background checks should be implemented as each state feels necessary but it will not stop violent crime from happening nor will criminals follow any laws which are passed. In fact most gun crimes are committed with illegal weapons and two-thirds of deaths by guns are suicides. We have expanded  gun control for 30+ years but gun violence continues to rise. I submit the reason being is due to the erosion of our culture, lack of discipline/accountability and respect for authority.

There is a breakdown in the nuclear family, guns are glorified in media, Hollywood (ironic since many actors are anti-gun) and video games and yet many criminals convicted of violent gun crimes either beat the wrap or plea down to get a lighter sentence. It's time we start enforcing the laws we have and harshly punishing those who break them. I think we can all agree more needs to be done with mental health in this county but many of President Obama's latest proposals will not make us safer. It will only impede law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families.

For those in favor of President Obama's side-stepping Congress, remember why we have separation of powers and limits on the executive branch's ability to legislate. You may agree now, but what happens when the next president is elected from another party and decides to pick up their phone and pen and erode a constitutional amendment you care about?