As the co-owner of Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center, Dr. David Simon feels that it’s his job to keep current with leading edge technology for the benefit of his patients. “Throughout my reading I came across something that intrigued me; professional athletes using Cryotherapy to improve their recovery from injury and workout soreness,” he said. “Investing in a portable unit for our office was a no-brainer.”

Cryotherapy (ice/cold therapy) has been used for centuries to treat pain and inflammation. However, traditional ice treatments can be cumbersome, need to be repeated several times throughout the day, and don’t bring down the core temperature of the injured location. Skin temperatures average around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cryotherapy machine brings down the skin temperature to 30-45 degrees. This results in releasing of endorphins, enhancing circulation resulting in pain relief, mood elevation and anti-inflammation.

The technology works within two to three minutes over three or four visits as opposed to having to ice 30 minutes every hour for days.

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Pain can be a very complex issue to treat and often requires more than one modality to address it. Randolph Pain Relief offers several treatment options under one roof to help those suffering from simple to more complex pain. “When one thing doesn’t work, we have the ability to try something else that may, or to add something that may further accelerate the healing process,” Simon said. “Cryotherapy is just another tool to add to our toolbox.”

“Most of our patients have enjoyed the experience. They feel the coldness but also feel refreshed,” explained Simon, “and more importantly have less pain than when they walked in.” Randolph PRWC is adding the technology free of charge to their existing patients. “It’s just part of helping our patients to recover faster.”

Although there are large spa-like full-body therapy chambers out there, Simon opted for the smaller, portable unit. “We just apply the device to the local affected area. And the mobility is great – we can even go to events and not be tied down to one location,” Simon explained

The Cryotherapy device does not use dangerous liquid nitrogen as do some of the large chamber-like units, but rather safe and reliable refrigerated cooled air instead. “I believe we are the only practice in the area to be using refrigerated technology,” Simon continued, “Not only is it safer than using liquid nitrogen (no incidences in over 400,000 treatments) but to get the desired effects you don’t have to get the temperature as low. You want to feel relief and to be refreshed, not frozen. It’s not a contest of how low you can go.”

Cryotherapy is available for non-patients as well for $49 for a series of five treatments. If you’d like to give the technology a try, contact Randolph Pain Relief at (973) 366-6615.

The Randolph Pain Relief & Wellness Center provides injury rehab and chronic pain management tailored to each patient’s priorities with physical therapy, chiropractic care, medical massage, acupuncture and chronic pain management.