DENVILLE, NJ-- In light of the recent news regarding the presence of lead in drinking water in New Jersey and in other parts of the country, the Denville Board of Education decided to contract with Westchester Environmental to test all 120 drinking water outlets in the district. The testing took place on April 5, 2016 and the preliminary results were received on April 15 at 3:00 PM. The preliminary results indicate elevated lead levels in 5 of 23 water outlets tested at Riverview and 7 out of 35 water outlets tested in Valleyview. The preliminary results do not indicate elevated lead levels in any water outlets in Lakeview. 

As a precaution the district has decided to turn off all drinking water outlets in Riverview and Valleyview as of 4PM on April 15, 2016. The outlets will remain closed until further testing and a thorough expert evaluation can be completed. Water for washing and toileting will remain on. 

Please understand that the information we received is preliminary and the steps taken at this point are precautionary. We will continue to work closely with Westchester Environmental, Denville Board of Health and Morris County Board of Health until a permanent solution can be completed. In the meantime, please send your children to Riverview and Valleyview with a bottle of water each day until further notice. The district will also make bottled water available at Riverview and Valleyview until a final solution has been completed. We expect to have the final test report in the district by April 18, once received it will be posted on the district website. There will be a public information session next week- once we have the date, time and place we will inform the public. 

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In a meeting with municipal officials earlier this morning, the Township was supportive and agreed to assist the Board of Education in this matter. The Township also reiterated that lead and copper testing was performed as part of the most recent State mandated water quality report. The testing results demonstrated the Denville public water system meets all applicable State and Federal safe drinking water safety standards. This is a link to the most recent water quality report 

If you questions or concerns please contact Superintendent of Schools Mr. Steven Forte at or 973-983-6530.