How much do we value libraries today?
How would we like them to expand or change?
How do they serve our children?

These are questions the Denville Free Public Library will be asking the people of Denville, as a Strategic Plan Committee proceeds with a survey and focus groups.  The committee has been meeting under the leadership of library director, Siobhan Koch, and consultants James Hecht and Anne Roman.  Hecht and Roman, both experienced former library directors, have served as Strategic Plan consultants to several area libraries.  Mr. Hecht served as interim director of the Denville Library prior to the arrival of Ms Koch in May.

The committee will study issues and trends in public libraries and will develop mission and vision statements for the approval of the Board of Trustees, after reviewing comments from focus groups and the survey of township residents.  Focus groups include tweens/teens, adults, adults over 55, parents of school age children and caregivers of pre-schoolers.  The survey will be available on the library website until October 9th.

Committee members include Marian Lezgus, Lenny Lefebvre, Jeanette Botti, Trustees Sean Furlong, Sandy Danforth, Seth Johnson and staff members Ilene Lefkowitz, Mary Ellen Liddy, Lynn Struebel, and Director Siobhan Koch.  The committee welcomes suggestions or comments from members of the community.