DENVILLE, NJ- Area children were able to build up their reading confidence by having story time with therapy dogs at the Denville library.

The dogs, registered with Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, are trained to provide therapy by staying calm and accepting the attention of anyone that crosses their path. All six dogs sat patiently as the children read them a story of their choosing.

The event provided a good practice session for both the readers and the therapy dogs.  All six dogs sat patiently as the children read them a story of their choosing.

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One of the dogs, named Zoe, owned by Stephanie Jones, has been a therapy dog since 2006 and does about six therapy events per month.

“We do it to see the positive reaction that Zoe gets from everyone she meets,” Jones said. “We do a lot with senior citizens and hospitals and we always receive positive feedback. It’s a win-win for us and the people we meet.”

Turner, another dog at the library is owned by Russ Newman.  Newman considers it a win-win situation for Turner and the people that he meets.

“It’s great to see that positive feedback.  Turner is a pit bull mix so he works as an ambassador for the breed,” Newman said.

Before any reading could start, all the children walked around to pet and get to know each dog before deciding which one they wanted to read to. All the dogs sat quietly as the children practiced their reading.

Some kids read books about dragons and others read about cars, but no matter what the book was about, all the kids smiled as the dogs looked on. Every few pages, the children would stop to pet the dogs as they reassured the kids they were still listening. Everyone left the room with a huge smile on their face, excited about their new furry friends.

Be sure to check out the library’s website for all the upcoming events this summer.