DENVILLE, NJ-- The Denville community has rallied around it's police officers amidst the national news of police shootings. 

Each day, Chief Christopher Wagner posts thank you tweets to members of the Denville community for their generosity. From pizza lunches to the simple act of saying thank you on the street, the Denville Police Department is feeling the love.

The community, including children, business owners, and service groups have all rallied to show the support and love to the Denville Police Department. Children from Indian Lake made a poster and brought desserts, while Susan Banks from Faith and Beggorah donated St. Michael's medals for the entire department.

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"Saint Michael is the guardian of police officers and he has certainly helped us through some difficult times," Wagner said in a Facebook post.

One local mom, Sandy Giercyk, had taken it upon herself to design and donate car visor clips. Protect, Serve, and Stay Safe has taken on a life of it's own. 

"My little gift grew like wildfire overnight with so much support. I've changed my thoughts to now hoping to provide these visor clips for all of the police cars in Morris County," Giercyk said.

Through this project, Giercyk hopes to give the officers a little reminder.

"It is my hope that each time the officers get in the cars they remember their are plenty of people who appreciate them," Giercyk said.