DENVILLE, N.J. - A Wednesday investigation of Lake Spa on Route 46 in Denville, a place with a history of prostitution - resulted in the arrest of two people, police said.

Shunzi Zhang, 47, of Lansdale, Pa., was charged with engaging in acts of prostitution and Jin Mingshun, 54, of Whitestone, N.Y., was charged with operating a sexually oriented business in violation of a township ordinance, police said. Both were released pending municipal court appearances.

The business, at 317 Route 46 East, is known as Lake Spa. "This location has previously been involved in acts of prostitution and operating a sexually oriented business, which led to arrests being made," said Denville police. "The establishment continued to exhibit the same suspicious behavior and the continued acts of prostitution were again confirmed through this new investigation."

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The arrests came the day after the Denville Municipal Council was scheduled to conduct, in private session, a proposed ordinance "regulating massage and bodywork establishments." The council was supposed to discuss, in executive session, "a matter involving tactics and techniques utilized in protecting the safety and property of the public, including violations or possible violations of the law."

The proposed ordinance contends Denville "has a compelling interest in the licensing of massage, bodywork and somatic therapy establishments so as to ensure that such establishments are being operated as legitimate business enterprises and are not engaged in criminal activity."

The local law would require permits that could be revoked for a number of reasons including conviction of an offense involving sexual misconduct, keeping or residing in a house of prostitution and any offense involving dishonesty."