DENVILLE, NJ - Denville schools began their push toward sustainability last year when they started a sustainability initiative. Green Teams, made up of educators, administration and community members were formed to work toward earning the Bronze Certification from Sustainable Jersey for Schools.

In an effort to empower student involvement in the initiative, the schools partnered with PowerSave Schools Program for the current school year. The program gave the student Green Teams in each of the three Denville schools an opportunity to learn about energy sources, green energy options, ways to save energy and green jobs.

Throughout the year, the teams met with teachers, students and the administration to bring ideas to the individual schools. The students took what they learned in school and are bringing it to the community. The same energy saving ideas we incorporate in the schools can be used at home, in the community and beyond.   

This year the student teams:

  1. Met with grade-level teachers to explain what we would be doing this year, teach them about sustainability and energy use and bring them onboard with us as we changed the culture of our school.
  2. Audited every room in the school to determine proper lighting, heating and cooling.
  3. Used our PowerSave instructional time to become better educated about different types of energy consumption and how it effects our world.
  4. Designed patrol contests to promote energy savings within the schools.
  5. Presented the patrol contest to the teachers as well as the students.
  6. Audited classrooms for four weeks to determine which rooms were being the most energy conscious.
  7. Lastly, presented their findings to the Denville Board of Education in hopes that the data collected will help improve the energy use in our schools.