DENVILLE, NJ-- This week's student spotlight goes to Dean and Luke Drugac, Morris Knolls Class of 2016.

Luke and Dean Drugac are well known throughout the halls of Morris Knolls High School. The twins, famous for their wrestling careers, are currently seniors at Morris Knolls. Most recently, the twins accomplished a major feat, placing second at the NJSIAA Wrestling State Championships.

"Even though we lost, we have no regrets at all," Dean said.

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The twins are all athletic, having played football for the Golden Eagles and wrestled all four years. The twins are grateful for all the support they have been given, but now will take the sidelines to cheer on their younger brother who wrestles at Knolls as well.

"We made an impact, but we're going to cheer on our little brother. He's always come to our matches, we're going to be at his," Luke said.

The twins wrestling careers are not over though. In the fall, Dean and Luke will head to Old Dominion University to wrestle Division 1. The boys encourage the spirit of competition, but in the end, they know they are there for eachother.

"I enjoy the competition, but knowing that Luke is right there makes those tough losses just a little bit easier to deal with," Dean said.

The twins involvement at Knolls has been centered around the community. Both twins are involved in Varsity Club, where most recently they participated in Read Across America at Lakeview School.

"There are little kids who know who we are, so we like to give out high fives and they really enjoy it," Luke said.

While at Old Dominion University, both twins will major in Criminology. They will take their wrestling talents to a new aspect with respective career fields they are interested in.

"I want to be an FBI Agent. I like the action and finding out the answers," Dean said. "I think I'm more interested in being a police officer," Luke said.

The twins, although wrestling season is over along with their high school wrestling careers, have learned a lot from the mat.

"You have to give it a shot. Wrestling is a character builder, you learn to accept what happens, how to push yourself, and that with hard work comes a ton of rewards," The twins said.