DENVILLE, NJ-- The students in Denville spent the last week learning and studying topics in computers. The past week was the national Hour of Code week where educators help students understand the process and means of coding. The common goal across the world is to have students understand that coding is not a hard subject.

At Lakeview School, computer classes were playing different games that teach the basics of coding. Although the games vary by age level, each group was able to take away the process of how easy coding can be.

Lakeview and Riverview Schools fifth graders were given a special opportunity to have a Q&A with Tim Hoolihan. Hoolihan is the Senior Director of Technology for DialogTech. DialogTech is a technology company based out of Cleveland and Chicago that helps organizations talk to their members and customers more effectively by integrating data about voice interactions into companies systems that track web interactions.

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Lakeview School Vice Principal Evan Scala stressed the importance of students being able to navigate today’s technology.

“In Denville, we are stressing an importance for our students to learn how to navigate today’s tech saturated world. Hour of Code gives us the opportunity to have all our students and teachers immerse themselves in what computer science is all about. We hope it will spark an interest in students to keep learning,”

In addition to the elementary schools gaining experience through age appropriate games, Valleyview Middle School was also taking on the coding learning experience. Students from Morris Knolls High School came to speak with the middle schoolers about coding and technology.