Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. The sentiment has been attributed to Jefferson, who knew a thing or two about how democracies work. Tragically, our democracy appears to be in serious jeopardy.

On the world stage, the American President stood shoulder to shoulder with the strong-man oligarch Putin, demeaning our country’s fundamental institutions by denigrating a free press and refusing to embrace both the US Intelligence community and Justice Department. In taking the word of a thug-regime leader against the bi-partisan Senate Intelligence Report findings that Russia perpetrated systematic and wide spread interference in our voting sovereignty, the American president undermines the strength and principles of our democracy. 

Citizens must not be silent in the face of pernicious and corrupt influences. We have a tremendously effective tool to protect the fabric of American values and ideals from such erosion. It is quite simply: the VOTE. We must redouble and triple efforts to bolster the very target of Russian attacks by exercising deliberate resolve to VOTE in order to protect the VOTE.

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New Jersey 11th for Change is a non-profit, grass roots organization working hard to effect change and encourage voter participation in NJ’s 11th congressional district. Activities such as canvassing, phone banking and letter writing to provide vote by mail information are among the group's efforts to boost voter turnout. Vigilance and informed participation will strengthen the electoral process, a hallmark of our democracy.

Vote in November; our democratic way of life depends on it.