DENVILLE, NJ – In 2015, law enforcement agencies in Morris County collectively saved 42 people from overdosing on opiates through the administration of Narcan, according to Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp.

In 2014, Morris County police officers were trained and equipped with Nasal Narcan and were able to administer the antidote to people suffering from an overdose of heroin or prescription opiates. The Morris County Narcan Program is a partnership between the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, participating municipal police departments and Atlantic Ambulance Corporation, stated the Prosecutor. A total of 27 police departments in Morris County have equipped their police officers with Narcan.

First responding police officers were able to administer Narcan 48 times in 2015 and is credited with saving 42 lives, stated an announcement.

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On Oct 15, 2015, the Denville Township Police Department saved someone from a potential fatal overdose.

There were 37 lives lost in 2015 due to an opiate overdose.

 “The State of New Jersey is plagued by addictive heroin and other opiates,” stated Prosecutor Knapp.  “Morris County is not immune from this epidemic.  Law Enforcement is taking a dynamic approach when dealing with these addictive poisons.  Equipping our first responding police officers with Narcan is a critical and compassionate approach to the opiate epidemic. The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office will continue to work together with local law enforcement and the community to fight against this opiate epidemic.”