DENVILLE, NJ-- Budget season for the Township of Denville was postponed on Jan. 23 due to inclement weather, but the first scheduled budget hearing took place on Feb. 1. 

The fire department began its budget process with newly sworn-in Chief Jason Lezcano taking the chair first. Lezcano presented some of the departments on going needs, including air packs and pagers. The department will also continue its acqusition of seven sets of firefighting gear. 

The fire department's capital budget requests include gas meter testing and calibration units and a replacement for the generator at the Union Hill firehouse. The department is also seeking to replace the 1999 assistant chief's car and their extracation equipment. Lezcano explained to the council that some of the extracation equipment dates back to 1979. 

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In the coming years, the fire department is hoping to replace one of its engines. The engine replacement will likely take place in 2019. The total projected cost if all goes according to plan from the council would be $207,500 in the budget for 2016.

The DPW also presented their budget, with input from Township Engineer John Ruschke and DPW Director John Egbert. 

Ruschke presented the council with the proposed road resurfacing list for 2016. The roads that are chosen are rated on a scale of many things, including traffic volume and estimated cost. The roads being looked at for 2016 are Freeman Ave, Indian Springs Trail, Tomahawk Trail, Comanche Trail, Summit Drive, and partial areas of Birch Run Rd and Chestnut Hill Dr. 

There are also roads in the township that run on multiple year schedules. Taking place this year will be the finishing touches on Ford Rd. Phase 2 of Parks Rd will also begin. Landing Trail, Florence Ave, and West Glen Rd. will begin their multiple year schedules in 2016. 

Egbert presented the budget for DPW, including streets and roads, water utility, and sewer utility. The DPW is seeking to replace a garbage truck packer and the body of one of their trucks. The DPW is also seeking to purchase a roller and paver. New barricades and cones would be split between water and sewer, the estimated cost for the budget would be $393,000.00.

The water utility will have continuous projects of acqusition and installation of water meters and improvements to wells, tanks, and water mains. The team is also seeking to replace the meter reader car as there are mold problems with the current one. The estimated cost for these items would be $199,00.00.

The sewer utility will have a continuous project of improvements to various pumping stations. Egbert would like to add a portable sewer pump as well to have for emergencies if one of the pumping stations were to go down. The estimated cost would be $81,000.00 in the budget. 

The next budget hearing will be from the Denville Township Police Department, scheduled for Tues. Feb. 9 at 7:30 p.m. during the Town Council Workshop.