Morris County School of Technology, located on Rt. 53 in Denville, has been hard at work once again for Idlewild Pool Club.

The students and staff at Morris County School of Technology (MCST) have shared their creativity and skills to enhance Idlewild’s pool facility.   Morris Plains’ Idlewild Pool Club asked MCST to design a much needed bike rack for the pool’s entry way.  Very quickly, plumbing expert and MCST teacher, Carl Carbone, and his morning plumbing students jumped into action.

Mr. Carbone’s team designed a bike rack made of steel piping.  Once the design and materials list were completed, Idlewild Pool supplied the raw materials.  Over the course of the cold winter when no one is thinking of biking to Idlewild Pool to swim, the MCST students worked on a solution for those warmer summer days.  Mr. Carbone’s plumbing class partnered with the morning welding students.  Mr. Herb Browne’s students were essential to creating a substantial and sturdy design.   The collaboration between the two classes demonstrates how essential teamwork is.  All “real life” projects require the expertise of one’s coworkers!

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“The Idlewild Pool membership will be thrilled to see the bike rack.  Our members love having the Vo Tech participate in improving our facility.”, said Jennifer Aguayo.   Jennifer Aguayo is a long term member of the non-profit pool and volunteers as the Idlewild’s treasurer.

“The bike rack will keep the entrance to the pool looking good and ensure safety.  No more bikes falling over.  It’s a real bonus!” said Gail Devine.  Gail’s family has belonged to the public pool since she was a child.  Now Gail brings her 3 young sons to share in the family experience of swimming at Idlewild Pool Club.

Over the past several years, Idlewild Pool Club has benefitted from the expertise of the MCST staff and students for other projects as well.   The automotive department restored the pool’s fiberglass slide and refinished the aluminum diving board.   The carpentry classes refurbished one building and built another shed to store chemicals safely.   Additionally, the Building and Ground Maintenance classes came to Idlewild several times to assist with outdoor maintenance.  And this year, Idlewild Pool adds plumbing and welding teams to the list.

Idlewild Pool Club is located at 60 Sylvan Drive in Morris Plains.   The pool is a non-profit facility and welcomes new members from all towns.   Idlewild will be open beginning May 20, 2017.   All are welcome!