“Giving children and adults with physical challenges an unforgettable day” is the mission of Dralla Foundation.  To increase the amount of grants they are giving, Dralla has partnered with Mara’s Cafe & Bakery in Denville. This will not only help make it possible for more unforgettable days, but also to fund even bigger and more exciting events so that people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity, can now experience the fun and inspiration these kinds of events provide.

Mara’s Cafe & Bakery has been a part of Denville for over 12 years and is a favorite spot for locals to stop and get anything from a coffee on their way to work, to sharing a meal with friends and picking up dessert for a function.  The Magley family, the owners of this establishment, have more than just a passion for food.  Supporting their local community is very important to them, whether it’s a family in need or a local organization raising funds.  This strong commitment to serving their community lends itself to a perfect partnership between them and Rockaway based Dralla Foundation.  By partnering with Dralla, Mara’s not only serves the local community but the reach extends nationally as well.

So far, this partnership includes two different avenues for Mara’s to help raise funds.  The first is through “Dralla Days” which will occur the 2nd Wednesday of each month (The first one will occur on the 3rd Wednesday, March 15th).  A portion of the sales from that day will go directly to Dralla.  The second way is through the sales of a cupcake specifically created for the organization.  This cupcake will be a new flavor creation that Mara’s will ask its customers to vote on.  The resulting choice will be sold for the month of June and a portion of proceeds will go to Dralla.

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Here is a quote from the mother of a participant in Kinetic Kids Bike Camp, a camp in San Antonio, TX that assists children with special needs in learning to ride a traditional bike, and also a Dralla grant recipient for the past 5 years: “It’s day 3 at Bike Camp and my kid has gone from being totally nervous to smiling, happy, skipping and dancing.  She rode her bike for the first time today with zero training wheels and we are ecstatic!”

For more information on Dralla’s Grant Program, the organizations supported by the foundation or to help them increase their grants by making a donation, please visit www.dralla.org.  You can also connect with Dralla on www.facebook.com/drallafoundation and www.twitter.com/drallafound.

Dralla Foundation was founded by Peter Allard, President of Allard USA, manufacturer of a range of orthopedic devices designed to improve physical function and enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical challenges. The testimonials of the wearers of these devices inspired Peter to give back to individuals with mobility issues. Dralla Foundation awards grants each year to select non profits that are aligned with their mission.