Immigrants and Sanctuary cities, a view from the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, will be the topic of ACLU spokesperson Andrea E. Long at the Church of the Savior, 155 Morris Avenue, Denville, NJ at 7 pm, Sunday, April 23rd

The program is sponsored by the Denville Democratic Organization, Solidarity Sundays and Wind of the Spirit.  Ms. Long will make a presentation followed by audience questions.

In the United States and Canada a sanctuary city is a city which permits residence by undocumented immigrants to help them avoid deportation. ... Such policies can be set expressly in law or observed in practice, but the designation "sanctuary city" does not have a precise legal definition.

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In New Jersey, towns that have identified themselves as "sanctuary," "welcoming," or in other ways to indicate that they are supportive of undocumented immigrants, do so in different ways. Newark, for example, has policies in place instructing local law enforcement agencies not to comply with federal requests to hold undocumented inmates in jail, unless the detainer request is accompanied by a judge's order.  Other cities have chosen different labels. Princeton has signed on as a "Welcoming America,” city, which, according to its website, is a network of more than 100 municipalities across the country that "provides the roadmap and support  needed to become more inclusive toward immigrants and all residents."

The ACLU of New Jersey works to defend civil liberties throughout our state. They are involved in litigation and advocacy on behalf of individuals, and lobby on scores of bills in the state legislature and local councils. In addition, the ACLU is active in many public education and community organizing projects.

The ACLU of New Jersey is located in Newark. They implement legal, legislative, public education programs in conjunction with large numbers of volunteers to advance the ACLU's goals of liberty and justice for all.