DENVILLE, NJ-- A special swearing in ceremony took place at Lakeview School on Tuesday afternoon when the spring safety officers were given their badges and pins after promising to help keep Lakeview safe.

The fifth graders at Lakeview Elementary School help keep students safe on the buses and during school hours by watching out for their fellow classmates. Dan Komorowski, Lakeview teacher, noted that the students pride themselves on many things, being a community member is one of them.

"Here at Lakeview, we pride ourselves in who we become as citizens and community members. Along with teachers educating students about character and strong moral standards, the Lakeview Safety Patrol has the responsibility of modeling these behaviors and ideals," Komorowski said.

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The fifth grade students at Lakeview are selected by an essay contest. The students must apply by writing an essay on the leadership skills they possess that other students would benefit from. However, the Safety Patrol is not just about keeping others safe, it is about helping others as well.

In addition to the students bus behavior, the Safety Patrol is also a big part in service projects throughout the year. The Safety Patrol collects non-perishable food items to donate to the Denville Food Pantry and also sponsors a healthy snack fundraiser where the proceeds benefit Multiple Sclerosis.

After the students special swearing in, they were treated to three guest speakers, Sherrif Ed Rochford and K-9 Officers Eric Hanna and Michael Carbone. Hanna and Carbone brought along their K-9 counter parts Udin and Finn. 

The officers helped educate the Safety Patrol on what a K-9 unit does and even demonstrated some of the tactics they use when training their dogs. Udin and Finn sniffed out quarters and even bit Officer Carbone, showing off their powerful biting techniques.